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Hey there! Welcome to Hear-Me.

As of right now our volunteers are ready for your chat or call to talk about anything you want.

Hear-Me is for anyone who needs someone to talk to. Whether it’s only small talk or more personal stuff, we’re here for you. We’re all ears.

So, feel free to contact us for any kind of moral support or advice. If you’re struggling and need a shoulder to lean on or simply someone to cry or laugh with we’re here for you. Open up the chatbox on the bottom right corner and start a conversation with one of our eager volunteers right now!

Become a coach

Would you like to become one of our volunteers? Brighten someones day? In just a few minutes you can turn a frown into a smile. We’ll show you the ropes and provide assistance if necessary.  In light of the extended period of time where people are requested to stay at home as much as possible we’re still actively looking for more volunteers. So if you’re interested in making other people happy and find meaning in making a positive change in peoples lives who are affected by Corona please contact us right now! After just a quick interview you’ll be briefed and put to work.

Meet the Organizers

I work at the Student Sports Center as internationalization and community builder. My personal goal is to make everyone feel welcome and at home here in Eindhoven.

Lara Hofstra

I’m a third year Applied Psychology student at Fontys. Born and raised in Eindhoven and currently doing my internship at TU/e with Lara Hofstra as my supervisor.

Henk Vervoort